Тема: How To Become A Yahoo Boy - Hmmnn! Are They Worth It After All?

So I got a broadcast message on my BBM this noon. It’s about a yahoo boy who reportedly ran mad on Lagos Island.

On interrogating the sender, he briefed Mc Ebisco on how the whole scene went down.

The young man (name withheld) according to witness just packed his car (Range Rover), jumped out and started tearing his clothes. In no time, he was totally undressed.https://www.yohaig.ng/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/bet9ja-mobile-app-banner-14.gif Then he started moving around the mainroad of Lagos Island snapping with his iPhone 6 and a cardboard held in his hand.

Well, nobody can actually explain what befell his but it’s obviously not something natural. Few persons around the scene identified him as one of the prominent yahoo boys within the neighbourhood.

End time story, like many will tag it, things we do for money… Hmmnn! Are they worth it after all?