Тема: How To Be A Yahoo Boy - No Be Juju Be That?

A video making rounds on social media captures the moment a yahoo boy confessing about landing clients with the help of charms commonly called Juju.

The internet fraudster was at his workstation with other yahoo boys who were deeply engrossed in their laptop activities.

While being recorded, one of the yahoo boys held up a fetish item and said that they do not use grace, rather they are using juju.

"Na juju we dey use, no be grace… next week we go confirm am", he said as the others echoed in affirmation.

Watch the video:

See how some social media users reacted…

sir_eltee; For those always saying God when, not all sources of wealth comes from God. They’ve made it clear here that it’s not grace ????♂️

adebayo.rufai; No be juju be that?; fredycj; Ok Sir. If that works for you, good luck. But as for me ,God’s grace is sufficient for me. I don’t need any Juju.

promzycollection1; Efcc is typing ????

__cheemantiq; Lol son of grace don confess????????????

kinguric; Finally dem don accept say no be Grace ????

sandisofficial; I see Jesus sticker ontop laptop ????

iamsynord; Only if people knew affiliate marketing and tech can get you as much crazy money without you involving yourself in illegal work .https://www.yohaig.ng/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/bet9ja-mobile-registration-14.jpg Smh

androoofficial; It is how this generation now normalizes absurdity for me… I pray our kids and generation to come don’t see this and think that’s how it should be. It will be a massive fail for us.